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Tania Bos Coaching!

I will accompany you through changes in your life, whether personal or professional. How? By listening actively and by asking targeted questions, I will help you find your way to a more grounded life, regain motivation and develop the ability to navigate change.

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The answers

With coaching, change is possible.

Let me invite you to discover this powerful and positive process. I will walk with you on the way to find more meaning, enhanced motivation and new air to breath…
Through solution-focused coaching I can help you find clarity on what you really want from life – and help you formulate the steps to achieving it.

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Mes clients témoignent
Mes clients témoignent
Mes clients témoignent
Mes clients témoignent
Mes clients témoignent
Mes clients témoignent
Avis 1

Tania accompanied me with great kindness and understanding. This journey has helped me to find solutions that have helped me move forward in life. Meeting Tania every week gave me a lot of support and helped me discover my potential. Thank you so much Tania!

Avis 2
Avis clients

What I like about Tania’s coaching sessions is how she listens. She always speaks at just the right moment, allowing the conversation to forward and progress. Each session is different, as she adapts to how I am feeling. I can see how far I have come between the first session and the last. Tania is a very positive person and she transmits this positive energy in the sessions.

Avis 3

I found myself facing a dilemma from one day to the next concerning my further education. Despite the help of my family, I was unable to make a decision. My parents made an appointment with Tania Bos, who was extremely responsive to the urgency of the situation. Thanks to her, I was able to make a decision which was right for me. After my sessions with Tania, I had no further doubts. I am now very happy in the new programme I have chosen, and I can never thank her enough!

Avis 4
Avis clients

Tania helped me to focus at a point in my life when I was lost. Our sessions were always full of energy and positivity, and it was extremely beneficial to talk with her!

Avis 5

A big thank you for the opportunity to meet you and share these coaching moments with you. I discovered a person who is very generous with her time, her smiles and her kindness. I am heading in the right direction thanks to you and your coaching has brought me a lot.

Avis 6
Avis clients

Tania Bos is the coach who has helped me most on the path of my development. The quality of her listening and her questions, her kindness and her unfailing energy have allowed me to enter more deeply into myself and have given me the confidence to launch my career as an artist at last. A huge “thank you”!

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